Not an awful lot to report this week, I’m afraid. I finished two great books, Such Pretty Flowers by K.L. Cerra, and The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill by Rowenna Miller.

I loved this great article on Kelly Link; a reminder that her new and flawless collection White Cat, Black Dog is release at the end of March. I have pre-ordered from Link’s bookstore, Book Moon, and I suggest you do too!

Three exciting books were released this week, none of which I have read yet!

  • Piñata, by Leopoldo Gout from the incomparable Tor Nightfire, described as “A Head Full of Ghosts meets Hereditary”.
  • Island City, by Laura Adamczyk, author of the collection Hardly Children, “A woman spills the story of her life to a bar full of strangers”
  • Nothing but the Rain, by Naomi Salman, “A sleepy little town discovers its memories have become part of the water cycle

But the highlight of my week has been absolutely gorging on Catherine Lacey’s new book, The Biography of X. I was expecting a fictional biography of an artist, but it is turning out to be so much more than that. If you haven’t read Lacey’s novel Pew, go ahead and grab that; it was one of my favorite books of 2020.

Also, did you see that Camilla Grudova’s Children of Paradise was longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction? I would be beside myself if she won.

Once again, my Kindle runneth over with amazing ARCs, but my next read will be for fun. I’ve been meaning to read Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s The Home-Maker for ages, and I think now might be the time.

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