On the surface, Such Pretty Flowers is a standard thriller; Holly is mourning the death of her brother, Dane, and it seems like his eccentric girlfriend, Maura is hiding something. Holly becomes suspicious, begins investigating Maura and Dane’s relationship, and uncovers something shocking. 

But it is the “something shocking” that sets this novel apart. Maura is a florist, with a strangely god-like reputation, and the further Holly is dragged into her world, the darker things become. Holly also finds herself attracted to Maura; how long can she resist?

Such Pretty Flowers is an unapologetically weird book, but very accessible. I loved the enigmatic character of Maura, and I enjoyed reading about Holly’s terrible life decisions (For example, why would you move in with someone you suspect of murdering your brother?! Why, Holly? Why?!). 

There are lots of twists and turns in the novel, and certain sections did seem to drag on. But at the same time, I would have loved more character development in places. But the final section was incredibly thrilling and tense. 

Such Pretty Flowers is a dark, fun read. A very promising debut. It’s available now! 

Thanks to Random House for the ARC!

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