Gah, combo breaker! I was doing so well updating these weekly. But here’s my excuse:

Nothing major, I just missed a step in my Escher painting house and crumpled. Anyhoo…

Mister Magic

I did a little squeak of joy when my ARC request was approved for Kiersten White’s latest novel. Her previous adult novel, Hide, is one of my favorite horrors novels of the last few years; it’s so much fun. Mister Magic though. Oh man. It’s a deeply terrifying horror novel, with the biggest gut-punch ending (no spoilers) I’ve ever read. Which even extends into the acknowledgements. This novel is reminiscent of Stephen King in terms of heartfelt horror. Check out my full review on Goodreads.

At the End of Every Day

Another squeak-worthy ARC! As soon as I read the synopsis for Arianna Reiche’s debut novel, At the End of Every Day, I was absolutely sold. A horror novel set in a closing-down theme park? General weirdness? Comparisons to Julia Armfield?! Take my money!

I’m about halfway through and I love it. I’m so intrigued by theme park lore, and there is a ton of it in here. Reiche has created an incredible sense of unease. Can’t wait to see how things end!

So Pretty

There is a very small list of things I miss about living in England. It includes pubs, chip shops, and book stores. I sometimes miss smaller British horror gems, such as So Pretty, by Ronnie Turner, which was recommended by a lovely IG friend. It has all the precious things; a creepy shop, a town with a secret, a newcomer seeking anonymity but finding something incredibly disturbing. Still reading this, so let’s see how it progresses.


Since my last post, I’ve reviewed Sarah Pinsker’s new collection, Lost Places, and the bonkers Sister, Maiden, Mother, by Lucy A. Snyder. I loved them both.

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