I’m pleased with the variety of books I read in June. Noticeably more comics than usual. I haven’t read any plays for a while; something I hope to remedy in July. Anyway, here’s the list:

Five Stars

  • The Colony, by Audrey McGee (Dreamscape Media)
    • I grabbed the audiobook of this from NetGalley, as some of my wise Goodreads friends were singing the book’s praises. As usual, they were correct. Full review here.
  • This is Not a Pity Memoir, by Abi Morgan (Mariner Books)
    • You have probably seen something written by playwright and screenwriter Abi Morgan; Shame, River, Suffragette, The Hour. But this memoir is something else. Deeply personal and heartbreaking.
  • What We Fed to the Manticore, by Talia Lakshmi Kolluri (Tin House Books)
    • Yay for new short story collections! This was absolutely beautiful. A group of stories, all told from the perspective of animals. Full review here.
  • The Hotel, by Daisy Johnson (BBC Audio)
    • This is a huge comfort listen for me. I usually dip in and out of the episodes freely available on BBC Sounds, but I think this is the first time I’ve listened to it all the way through. It’s absolutely terrifying. I love it. Daisy Johnson is amazing.

Four Stars

  • Hooked, by A.C. Wise (Titan Books)
  • Panics, by Barbara Molinard (Feminist Press)
  • Stray Dogs, by Tony Fleecs, et al (Image Comics)
  • The Path of Thorns, by A.G. Slatter (Titan Books)
  • The Con Artists, by Luke Healy (Drawn and Quarterly)
  • Gender Queer: A Memoir, by Maia Kobabe (Oni Press)
  • Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama, by Bob Odenkirk (Random House)


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