51mgviltjrl._sl500_It’s been a funny old week. I finished the audiobook of Angela Carter’s Wise Children, which I enjoyed immensely. The characters were wonderful, and Tracey Ullman was a hilarious narrator. But now I have a feeling I have very often – what the bloody hell do I listen to next?

I gave Derren Brown’s Happy a try. While I could listen to Derren Brown talk about his work forever, I’m not too keen on listening to his interpretations of philosophy. I prefer stories to solipsism. I really want to listen to Toni Morrison’s reading of Beloved, but I want to give that more attention than half-listening while I tootle to work.

While writing this I consulted the recently announced 2020 Audie Award winners, and opted for Kevin Wilson’s Nothing to See Here (which was also recommended in a recent Book Riot email), which is apparently about children spontaneously combusting. Yep, sounds good.

61beaud2o1l._sx258_bo1204203200_I had the rare joy of buying children books for someone other than my daughter this week. MK is attending a birthday party this weekend, and will be gifting two of her favorite books, Elmer by David McKee, and Chu’s Day at the Beach by Neil Gaiman. I hope they’re both offbeat enough to not already have a place on her friend’s bookcase. Which books do you enjoy gifting to young people?

I made a few book-related purchases this week:


Moleskine Book Journal – I’ve been looking for a good book journal for a while, and I think this may be the best I’ve seen so far. It is alphabetized, comes in a beautiful presentation box, and has STICKERS!

Vendula Old Book Shop Tote Bag – A year after buying my amazing Yoshi Bookworm purse, it was time for a change. I’d been eyeing up this one for a while, and I was not disappointed when it arrived. Plus, it has room for everything (by which I mean, my Kindle, and a hardback).

ESi8i2vUcAAY9XYA shitload of books from the UK – Unbelievably, there are certain books that I can’t easily get in the US. And by easily, I mean sent directly to my Kindle. So I ordered quite a few books that have been on my wishlist for a while. Look at this beautiful pile! Cannot wait to get stuck in.

I’m still plodding through David Mitchell’s Utopia Avenue. I was about to give up, when something VERY EXCITING happened (no spoilers, but fans of Mitchell’s previous works will be thrilled).

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