May 2021 Round-Up

Here’s the list, with a quick five-word summary: Because of You - Dawn French (Penguin) - Funny, entertaining, French is wonderful.Vulnerability is My Superpower - Jackie E. Davis (Andrews McMeel) - Honest, beautifully insightful, colorful comics.Piranesi - Susanna Clark (Bloomsbury) - Cosmic madness in Manchester, maybe?Two Besides: A Pair of Talking Heads - Alan Bennett … Continue reading May 2021 Round-Up

Some of My Favorite Short Story Collections

I have yet to complete an Instagram monthly challenge. For September 2020, I was determined to post one of my favorite short story collections every day, for Short Story September. But then god laughed, and closed my daughter’s daycare for the better part of a week. But fret not, dear reader! For here is the … Continue reading Some of My Favorite Short Story Collections